USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner

Have you been searching for a cool gift to offer your girlfriend and found nothing that would rise to the high standards you imposed? Well, this might change your mind. While this is not your average girl gift, it does make for a very cool gadget to have and will probably impress your girlfriend. If your girlfriend is also a bit of a geek this will have major success. Just make sure that she doesn’t have an allergy for strong smells or something similar because we are talking about an USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner. She can forget about those classic oil burners that were a fire hazard for your house, now you can do things simpler only by connecting them to your laptop or PC. This cool thing will make things interesting for a romantic night and will be the perfect end to a lovely evening between you two. Show her how it can be used and let the night begin with beautiful smells and dim lights.


Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend but you have a friend who likes to keep their house fresh and nice. This is also a cool gift for them and if he is a geek, he will absolutely adore it because it’s unconventional, fun and it can be plugged into a computer. You can even use it yourself to make your office nicer in a simple manner and without turning on the automatic fire alarm.

The USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner looks like a normal flash drive and it also comes with the average size of one. You don’t need a software or installation to use it. All you need is to plug it in your USB port, add a drop of aromatic oil and wait. After a few minutes or so you will experience what is called the USB Aromatherapy. You can even offer it as a gift to your mom and she can safely use it even if she isn’t very computer savvy. Also, imagine that any place you go can smell nice if you have your laptop and this little thing with you.

How To Choose The Right Swimming Suit

When it comes to choosing your favorite summer fashion item, the swimsuit, people often make quite big mistakes. It’s not about the trends or how much your swimsuit is in style, but more about how you look and feel wearing it. Swimsuits are not that important according to trends so you may skip them and choose something that just looks good. So, this summer, check out these tips that will make you look amazing in this beautiful fashion item.


Curvaceous body shapes/ Apple Body Shape – Curvaceous body shapes need a swimsuit that would cover more skin. For example, if you have a lot of areas you want to hide, you can choose to wear a 50s swimsuit. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your body anymore at it manages to be one of the best types of suits. A 50s style swimsuit will also look amazing on other body types. For example, if you have an apple shaped body type, this swimsuit may hide that part of the abdomen that you don’t like; however, you have to make sure that it shows a bit more cleavage to make your shape look a bit more  like an hourglass.

Big thighs – if you have big thighs you can easily choose a body suit that goes over them; however, if you plan on doing some tanning, you won’t be able to tan those areas so you will be left with a lot of untanned skin. There are different lengths when it comes to these body suits, some of them going even for the knee. If you plan on doing a lot of sport during your vacation, this type of swimming suit is actually perfect for most activities.

Slim Body Shape – a thin woman has the advantage of wearing whatever she wants; however, if you are really slim and you want to hide areas of your body or make them look bigger, choose a swimming suit that has a light color over those areas and you will manage to give the illusion that they are bigger.

In the end it really matters how you feel and how you look when checking yourself in the mirror so that should be your first judge in choosing a good swimming suit.

The Transforming Tablet By Asus

Nowadays, it can be difficult to choose between a laptop and a tablet with so many advantages for each of them and with new technology being presented every month. One of the coolest gadgets from Asus eliminates this problem and a customer no longer has to choose between a slim and portable tablet for a slightly bigger laptop. It is called the Transformer Prime and it can easily turn from a laptop into a tablet which makes choosing between the two quite useless.


As far as looks go, it has a great design meant to be slim and lightweight and with classic Asus esthetic characteristics. The touchscreen can be easily removed from keyboard giving the user a high-tech tablet to play around with. It is just 8.3 mm thin which is half a millimeter smaller than its biggest competitor on the tablet market, the iPad 2.

Let’s talk about performance as well because looks isn’t enough to get you the best position when it comes to gadgets nowadays. The Transformer Prime has a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, 1 GB of RAM and a 12-core GeForce GPU. This combination makes it one of the most powerful gadgets in both groups, laptops and tablets. It runs a Honeycomb OS from Android but Asus promises a new option soon. There is a 32 GB storage capacity and a slot for a microSD card on the side of the screen and there is also another port for an SD card on the mobile dock. The battery can last for up to 18 hours making the Ultrabook a great gadget for all ages. The screen has 10.1 inches and a 10-finger multi-touch sensor. There are also two cameras, one in the rear at 8MP and one in the front at 1.2MP.

This mazing gadget has got a lot of attention and at just under $800 it would make the perfect gift for a loved one. It is modern, portable and innovative with a design that can appeal to everyone. It is easy to use no matter how you prefer it and it is one of the latest gadgets which makes it very popular.

Apple TV Media Streaming Box

When it comes to media streaming, the most popular cool gadget out there has to be the Apple TV Media Streaming Box.  This popular option for cool gadget has been released a couple of years ago and since then the price has been steadily going down, becoming more and more affordable for the average consumer. In a glance the Apple TV Media Streaming Box can be summed up in the following:


  • Connection: HDMI
  • Content Services
  • Internet: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Netflix: Yes
  • Resolution: Up to 720p
  • Size: 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches
  • YouTube: Yes

Unfortunately, in comparison with many of the devices present on the market today the Apple TV Media Streaming Box does not offer:

  • Amazon Video
  • Hulu
  • SD Card Slot
  • Storage Space
  • USB Ports
  • Web Browser

But even so, Apple TV Media Streaming Box is probably your top choice when it comes to media streaming if you already are an Apple fan and you have a more than generous iTunes collection. Plus you can easily play any content from your iPhone or iPad on your HDTV with this cool gadget. And last but not least, let’s not forget that one of the biggest strong points for Apple has always been the user interface which is quite easy to use and appealing from the visual point of view. So, if you are an Apple fan or you simply want a cool gadget for your media streaming you should take a look at the Apple TV Media Streaming Box.

VHS To DVD Converter

If you desire to save your VHS collection then you might want to take a look at this cool gadget, the VHS to DVD Convertor. VHS was how we recorded the videos a couple of decades ago, but during the past years, the DVD has begun to literally dominate the market and the VHS has slowly fallen into the shadows. But even so, all through the years you have most likely had all your beautiful moments immortalized on a VHS tape.


The only problem now is that the player is not working as good and you are afraid that in the near future you will no longer be able to look at these tapes and see your weeding day, the first steps of your little one or the great celebration you had 10 years ago with your close friends. But with VHS to DVD Convertor you will be able to keep those moments for longer by transferring your videos in DVD format. And besides this, the player also permits you to play both VHS and DVDs. It comes with an integrated HDTV tuner which permits you to record HD broadcasts. It also maximizes the video resolution and the audio quality of any TV which has a HDMI port.

And last but not least the device also comes with additional DV input which permits to you to connect a camcorder directly to the VHS to DVD Convertor and transfer the content directly onto a DVD. The VHS to DVD Convertor comes with included coaxial input as well as additional composite inputs. It is quite easy to use the VHS to DVD Convertor for any function that you desire as it comes with a detailed menu which will guide you through all the steps. The DVD is compatible with most DVD formats, the only format that it does not playback is the Blu-Ray format.

The VHS to DVD Convertor also plays the MP3 and JPEG formats, meaning that you can easily watch pictures or listen to your favorite music through it. With the VHS to DVD Convertor you will also receive a universal remote control. VHS to DVD Convertor is the perfect gadget to help you maintain your recorded collection for longer in great quality condition.

The Kobo Vox

Kobo has recently launched what is considered to be by many the world’s first social e-book reader under the name of Kobo Vox. The Kobo Vox is the cool gadget that any media fan should have. The new Kobo Vox already is supporting more than 5 million users worldwide. The concept behind the e-reader was inspired by the Vox Populi, which means voice off the people.  It is quite clear what the manufacturers from Vox desire.

They desire to intensify communication through social networking in between readers. With the aid of Vox you will be able to discuss and discover all you want to know about different authors and books from the ideas and impressions of other people, which is much more suggestive than chronicle reviews. One of the best parts of this cool gadget is that it has followed with an upgrade of overall software implementation as well as different highly functional applications. And the hardware support is also something which you should not forget.


The Kobo Vox comes with a highly performing system which will bring your reading experience to a new level. The display allows vivid color images, meaning that you will be able to read full color newspaper and magazines, you will be able to watch videos, play games and listen to your favorite music as the Kobo Vox functions on a Android platform, the Android Gingerbread 2.3. With the aid of the Kobo Vox you will be able to access one of the greatest libraries.

It comes with enough storage space for you to be able to store up to 8000 digital books. Plus it also has an extendable storage function which permits you to store up to 40000 books. With the aid of Kobo Vox you will be able experience reading to an entire new level. You will be able to discuss with your friends about what you are reading and you will be able to search for the books which suit you the most. The Kobo Vox is one of the cool gadgets which any reader should not be without. The Kobo Vox is a wonderful gift for yourself or a person who is close to you and it will truly enrich your life.

Advertise With The Help Of Interactive Projections

Interactive advertising is a great way to promote a new product or to make people more familiar with a certain brand. The technology used to create an interactive environment where people can feel good and learn new things in a fun and innovative way, has become the number one way to advertise. Interactive projection is very mobile and easy to install which makes it a great way to enhance the efficiency of your marketing strategy and attract new potential clients. The period depends on the purpose and permanent solutions are usually installed for malls, hotels, restaurants, museums etc. while less permanent installations are quite common for special events and parties.

Interactive Projections

Interactive projection started as a way to advertise but people started seeing their potential in other situations. It can be used to turn a boring room into game room where you can play just by interacting with the wall or floor. It is also used at presentations for work where catching the attention and keeping it throughout the presentation is very important. Interactive projections allow you to do much more than just advertise, it gives you the chance to create something unique.

Since advertising is the main goal when it comes to interactive projection, it is always important to know how many people actually interacted with it and for how long. This kind of information will let you decide if you need to change the pattern and location or if everything is perfect. Interactive projection is known for its ability to count the number of people that got close enough, stopped and interacted. A regular LCD advertisement cannot do this and you can’t really know how many people saw your ad.

There are many ways in which interactive projections can help create a more effective way to advertise and increase sales.

Tips for Buying Shoes Online

You absolutely need a new pair of shoes. You have just seen one that you liked a lot on a e-commerce website, but you have never ordered this kind of article online. Anyone with an internet connection can purchase shoes online. It is not complicated and there is a wide range of websites offering shoes for women, men and children. Here are a few tips to help you buy a pair of shoes online quickly and easily.


Maybe the biggest issue when purchasing shoes online is the size. Since you can try them only after delivery, you should be familiar with your size. This will avoid you paying some additional charges for product return. You should also have some reservations concerning color and the fabric. With these aspects, websites providing detailed information are to be preferred. They are also the ones which know their area of business better because they are aware that only by wording these significant details, they can compensate for the major drawback this form of commerce has – the impossibility to touch and see the product.

However, it is best to carefully choose the website and opt for a reputed one. These businesses’ profits are based on reputation. Therefore, they are more trustworthy that they will do their best to solve any possible dissatisfaction. If you don’t already have a few names in mind, browse the internet a little and you can easily find consumer reviews.

Although it is the easiest and most commonly used option, you don’t necessarily need a credit card. You can also pay for your purchase by check, bank transfer or PayPal, depending on the site. If you have doubts about the online shop, don’t enter your credit card details. Check if they have the option of paying upon delivery. You should know that some sites put additional charges on certain methods of delivery, so, be sure you have read the terms before making the payment.

Online Shopping Fraud And Security Concerns

There are many elements that contribute to the great fraud and security concerns related to online shopping. Most of these are related to the fact that customers are unable to see the merchandise and they don’t have the guarantee that they will receive what they ordered from the website. But there are risks taken by both sides as merchants can also be victims of fraud.

The main problem for merchants is the fact that clients can easily purchase items with stolen cards; this is a main concern even nowadays when security is extremely high on online websites. Another issue, similar to this, is identity theft and most identities are provided by the merchants themselves. This is a big problem for both parts as customers can get their address, credit information or card number stolen and merchants can lose their trust by not being able to secure such information. Also in relation to this issue, there’s the phishing problem, where customers think they deal with trustworthy merchants when, in fact, their information is stolen.

In terms of products, there’s the problem of damaged products as the customers are unable to test them or even see them before they make their purchase. In this case, it is best to choose merchants that have a good returning policy to ensure that you are covered in case this happens.

There are a few tips customers and stores can do to protect themselves. One of the things that should be done by those who want to buy is sticking to known stores or find reviews for that specific store that interests them. Also, they should check out the website with a critic mindset and see what faults it might have and how that affects their trustworthiness. If a website is poorly designed or it lacks some of the most important features, it should be avoided. Companies should protect themselves by acquiring more information and contacting the customers directly via phone or email. This will also help detect customers that might not get their package when it arrives costing the company the delivery and packaging fee.

Watches – the Perfect Gifts for All Types of Men

Whether it is for a retirement, a birthday or you just want to spoil your father or your husband, gift ideas are sometimes difficult to find as, on one hand, you must be able to find a present with some material value to mark the occasion and on the other hand, you must be sure that the object you choose is timeless and that he will continue to use it. This way, your present will remain a symbol of this great event he is now celebrating.


A luxury watch is the perfect choice for any type of occasion and it is also easy to find, especially nowadays with the democratization of online shopping and with the emergence of a variety of trading sites where you can buy a exquisite models from Hublot, Omega, Rolex and many other prestigious brands at discounted prices. However, if the watch is definitely a timeless and useful accessory, the choice must be made according to the receiver’s taste and personality.

If your man is rather sporty, choose a model with light and robust components. Remember that he will certainly want a waterproof watch with a high readability level, good ergonomics for convenient and easy handling. A sleek and mat look with a rubber strap would be ideal for a man with an active life style. Small extra-gadgets such as a barometer, thermometer and stopwatch can also be considered when looking for a watch.

If your man is more of the urban hippy style, choose a watch with original look, in other words, a model belonging to the new generation. Preferably, the strap should be made ​​of steel and the time measuring device should have a high-tech digital display.

If your guy is concerned about global warming and has an environmentally sustainable life style, you can opt for a solar powered watch. This way, he won’t need to change the batteries (and pollute nature) and he will certainly appreciate your respect for his principles.

If your man is an adept of the classical style, a watch with a leather strap and black steel dial is the ultimate choice. A chic and unpretentious model will become his daily time measuring device as well as his favorite accessory. The beauty of the line and the simplicity of the dials should be your two guidelines when shopping for this highly masculine present.